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J. Knutson & Associates, Inc., since 1984

J. Knutson & Associates, Inc., since 1984

Manage Construction Jobs from Start to Finish

Selecting and implementing new construction software can be a daunting experience. What we’ve learned in making decisions about purchasing, installing or using these types of program is not what you know but rather a lack thereof which leads to bad choices made for your projects’ success!

Whether you’re looking for a partner to help you implement, need assistance assessing the current state of your business processes or a seeking to purchase a new software system, J. Knutson & Associates has extensive experience helping construction organizations optimize their investment.

We offer a broad range of services to help construction clients maximize their profits and deliver project success. We focus on aligning the optimal business process and technology strategy to operate your business in today’s competitive marketplace. Founded in 1984,  J. Knutson & Associates is focused on assisting construction companies to better manage their Construction Technology as well as select and implement new ERP software. To this day, we continue our strong commitment exclusively to the construction industry by demystifying Construction Technology, facilitating business-focused decision making and enabling technology that addresses the success of the core business.

Why Choose J. Knutson & Associates

Software Consulting

J. Knutson & Associates has helped thousands of construction companies select and implement construction systems since 1984.

Training and Implementation

Our training and implementation services help get your system up and running smoothly and quickly.

Computer Software Support

J. Knutson and Associates, Inc. has available a full staff of experienced support people to assist after you're up and running.

Construction Software Products

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors

Contractors Software Group, Inc.

Integrated A-Z Software for Builders and Contractors

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors.

With CSG's complete suite of software solutions you'll be able to streamline your business and have:

Deltek+ComputerEase Construction Software

Deltek+ComputerEase Construction Software

Integrated Construction Management Software

J. Knutson and Associates, Inc. is one of Deltek+ComputerEase dealers in the country. We provide sales, implementation, and support on all ComputerEase products. 

Deltek+ComputerEase offers the following fully integrated products:

Viewpoint for Construction

Viewpoint for Construction

Integrated Construction Management Software

Viewpoint provides comprehensive business management software solutions for the construction industry. From takeoff through the final bid, this end-to-end estimating, project management and accounting solution helps contractors make the most of every project. Viewpoint helps companies achieve operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased profits.

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors


Software Compatible Checks, Forms and Supplies

J. Knutson & Associates, Inc. is a leading supplier of computerized checks, forms and supplies for multiple software manufacturers including:

Maxwell, American Contractor, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Contractors Software Group, Great Plains, Masterbuilder, Timberline, Sage, Vista, Spectrum, ProContractor and more!

J. Knutson & Associates is the only supplier provider you’ll need for all your IT solutions

J. Knutson & Associates is the one supplier that can take care of all your IT needs. That’s true, whether you’re a small construction or services company that’s ready to automate your business systems with construction software products, a growing firm that needs to upgrade your solutions or a larger firm that needs to improve processes, handle growth and leverage additional capabilities.