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J. Knutson & Associates, Inc.

Integrated Construction Software Solutions

J. Knutson & Associates, Inc., since 1984

J. Knutson & Associates, Inc., since 1984

J. Knutson & Associates provides software solutions that handle the business side of construction

Our software systems can work together seamlessly, giving you the option to assemble a customized software suite, or to apply an individual solution to serve an immediate need. We guarantee, if used properly, the solutions we provide will help you sell more, generate more leads, build happier customers, estimate faster, generate more accurate proposals/specification, keep your projects on time and bring more to your bottom line profit.

We listen to your business challenges and advise you on the best path forward. We’re specialists in Deltek+ComputerEase, Sage 100, Viewpoint Vista, Spectrum and ProContractor (including American Contractor and Management Suite, formerly Maxwell Systems). We have the software expertise, construction knowledge and the dedication to quality service that you need to be successful.

We provide specialized software solutions specifically for the Construction Industry

General Contractors Software

J. Knutson provides Cost Accounting, Project Management, Estimating and more for General Contractors.

Service and Specialty Contractors Software

J. Knutson provides software solutions for Service Contractors looking for Cost Accounting and Service Management
programs and more.

Residential & Light Commerical Construction Software

J. Knutson & Associates, Inc. provides integrated software for all sizes and types of builders and contractors. We offer integrated CRM, Estimating, Scheduling and Job Cost Accounting software along with Web applications to share job information with employees, vendors and/or clients.

Construction Software Products

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors

Contractors Software Group, Inc.

Integrated A-Z Software for Builders and Contractors

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors.

With CSG's complete suite of software solutions you'll be able to streamline your business and have:

Deltek+ComputerEase Construction Software

Deltek+ComputerEase Construction Software

Integrated Construction Management Software

J. Knutson and Associates, Inc. is one of Deltek+ComputerEase dealers in the country. We provide sales, implementation, and support on all ComputerEase products. 

Deltek+ComputerEase offers the following fully integrated products:

Viewpoint for Construction

Viewpoint for Construction

Integrated Construction Management Software

Viewpoint provides comprehensive business management software solutions for the construction industry. From takeoff through the final bid, this end-to-end estimating, project management and accounting solution helps contractors make the most of every project. Viewpoint helps companies achieve operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased profits.

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors


Software Compatible Checks, Forms and Supplies

J. Knutson & Associates, Inc. is a leading supplier of computerized checks, forms and supplies for multiple software manufacturers including:

Maxwell, American Contractor, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Contractors Software Group, Great Plains, Masterbuilder, Timberline, Sage, Vista, Spectrum, ProContractor and more!

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors



Steamline and simplify your payment process with a single electronic payment process for all your business payments. Vendors are paid according to their remit-to instructions and in their preferred method, while you enjoy real-time visibility as payment clears. Offload liability for securely managing sensitive data and answering payment questions.

Contractors Software Group's (CSG) Integrated Software Packages for Builders and Contractors



Cash flow is critical. If you’re still invoicing by mail, in person, or even email, it’s a must to switch to online accounts receivable.

With our Bill & Pay solution, you email an electronic invoice to your customer. They click the link and pay any or all open invoices immediately through the secure portal anytime, anywhere.

Our digital billing solution ensures you get paid faster—touch-free and worry-free.