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Measure your cut and fill quantities in record time. Simply place your plans on a digitizer board and trace them using a stylus pen, once for existing elevations and once for proposed elevations, to generate accurate cut and fill quantities. No calculators, protractors, or slide rules are needed. 


If you have CAD files or data from field instruments like a laser total station or GPS, you can skip the tracing step altogether and import your takeoff information directly. You can also send data such as staking reports from these programs into your field instrument and take the device to the jobsite to do your staking. 


Handle multiple sheets, works with any known scale, and allows you to choose Imperial or metric units. Getting a sitework job right means not only knowing how much material you'll be moving, but exactly what type. Easily enter your boring locations and information so you know your quantities by type of material. It goes without saying how important it is to know precisely what materials you're dealing with when it comes to creating a bid. 


Perform a takeoff of any special construction area, like a building pad, retention pond, or parking island. You can then raise or lower the elevations and strip or replace topsoil as needed.


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