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  Computer Software and Hardware Support

J. Knutson & Associates, Inc. understand you made an investment in software, hardware and training. To make sure your investment is running smoothly we offer software and hardware support.

J. Knutson and Associates, Inc. has available full product support for software and hardware. Our in house support staff is capable of guiding you through the process. They work hand in hand with our field staff to assure your confidence and success. We track and monitor the calls from our clients so that we know at any point where customers could be having problems.

Please select the products you would like support:

Request Assistance | Need Help? Call 1-800-866-3083 ext 1
"My name is Jodi and I work for Progressive Builders out of Big Lake, MN. We currently have your software Job Accounting Plus and TakeOff Plus. I wanted to tell you that one of your employees saved one of our computers yesterday. We sent the computer to a technician to have them look at the hard drive and see why it wouldn't connect to the Internet. Well, when we got the computer back all the files were gone. The computer looked different and it made me panic because I didn't do a backup before the computer left. I called Steve [Mallory] and he took great care of me and got the files and software back. Things are working great. I wanted to let you know that customer service these days, in most places, is always questionable and not up to par, but when I call J. Knutson & Associates, I always get GREAT customer service. Please take time out of your day to call him and tell him thank you for representing your company so well."

Office Manager
Progressive Builders, Inc.

Contractors Software Group ComputerEase Management Suite Other Support

We offer full support on all of the Contractors Software Group products. We have available telephone support contracts by the hour or on a yearly contract basis.

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ComputeEase Software Support


 We offer full support on all of the ComputerEase software products. We have available telephone support contracts by the hour or on a yearly contract basis.

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Computer Training | Software Training

We provide ongoing support and training services for your Legacy Maxwell Management Suite (Formerly Maxwell Management Suite)

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