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Windows Workover Package
We will get Windows and your programs up-to-date
and configure them to stay that way automatically.
Your PC will be tuned up for optimal performance
reducing boot time and improving program response:
$150 for first,
each additional $125
$100 $125

1-2 Combo Special
Protect your hardware and software with
this double-duty support package: DETAILS >
(Corporate Geeks Charge $300)
$250 for first,
each additional $150
$150 -
Itching to get rid of Vista?
We can load Windows XP on your new PC.
(Competing Geeks Charge 130)
$200 for first,
each additional $100
$100 -

Have a vital piece of software you need installed? 
We can help.  We'll install your software, get it up
to date and make sure everything is working smoothly.
(National Chain Geeks charge $130)
$100 for first,
each additional $50
$30 $50

Got a new PC loaded with tons of demo software
you'll never use?  We'll remove "bundleware" like AOL, Symantec trials and other sample programs to help
reclaim storage space and performance.
$100 for first,
each additional $50
$30 $50

Do you not have anti-virus protection or is what you have out of date or expired? We can install Vipre anti-virus with
a 1 or 2 year subscription. Vipre is a premier protection suite that has provent itself to be less feature intensive than every other security suite on the market. Not only
will scans be done sooner, but they also won't cripple your system while they run.  *Includes software
(Rival Geeks Charge 1 Year $230)
1 Year $175 for first,
each additional $125

2 Year $220 for first,
each additional $170
1 Year

2 Year
1 Year

2 Year

Need to access your work PC from home or on the road?  We have multiple plans that allow you to connect to
your work PC from anywhere in the world with
an internet connection!
Please contact us for details.    

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