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HARDWARE Support Services

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Hardware Care Package    

One of the easiest things to over look is the physical well being of your PC. This package covers everything from to component testing to case cleaning: DETAILS >

$150 for first,
each additional $100
1-2 Combo Special
Protect your hardware and software with
this double-duty support package: DETAILS >
(Namebrand Geeks charge $300)
$250 for first,
each additional $150
Add wireless device
We can add any number of devices to your wireless network,
be they PCs, laptops, print servers, or anything else.
*Does not include price of required wireless hardware.
(Leading Geeks charge $130)

$70 for first,
each additional $20

Wireless network extension

Already have a wireless network but it just doesn't reach far enough?  We can come on-site and install range extenders
to increase your wireless coverage.
*Does not include price of range extender.

$80 for first,
each additional $50

Upgrades/Installation  *Does not include hardware  
Is your computer running out of room?  We can add a
new hard drive and remove your storage woes.
(Big Name Geeks charge $150)
$100 for first,
each additional $60
Hard drive full but you don't have room for a second? 
We can copy your data to a larger hard drive.
$120 for first,
each additional $80
System getting sluggish?  We can add more ram or upgrade
your CPU and breathe new life into your older PC.
(Vs their Geeky Prices $140)
$100 for first,
each additional $60
Do you perform demanding graphical work?  We can make
CAD or video editing lightning fast with a new videocard!

$100 for first,
each additional $60
Purchased a new PC and need help setting it up?  Our service techs will come onsite, install your new PC, integrate it into your network and configure your Deltek+ComputerEase/CSG Software suite.
(Competitor Geeks Cost $130)
$110 for first,
each additional $70

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