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Deltek+Computerease Project Management Software

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J. Knutson and Associates, Inc. is one of  largest dealers of construction software in the country. We provide sales, training and support on Deltek+ComputerEase Project Management Software.

Let us share with you how Deltek+ComputerEase Construction Project Management Software can help you improve the management of your construction business.

Job Scheduling

More effective control begins with scheduling the job and all its required tasks. Deltek+ComputerEase will determine your job schedule's critical path based on the dependencies set up in the activity list. As the job schedule progresses, you can revise dates as necessary and the schedule will automatically adjust dependent activities. Job scheduling reminders added to relevant activities will automatically tell you when it’s time to order materials, prepare billings, attend job meetings, and more.

Pop-up Scheduling Notes

With Deltek+ComputerEase, you can add pop-up notes to your project schedule and tie them to a particular day or task.

You can also use pop-up notes to write messages to subcontractors or staff members. Notes will appear on the schedule wherever you placed them when the schedule is printed or converted to a PDF file. If you choose to convert the schedule to a PDF file, you can email it directly to subcontractors or staff members. Notes on a job schedule can be selectively hidden or removed at your discretion.

Schedule Staff, Crews, and Resources

Once your job schedule is entered, ComputerEase will help you determine the manpower, equipment, and subcontractor requirements to ensure that your job is finished by the deadline.

This can be done in the project timeline or by using the "magnet board." Ensuring that the appropriate people and equipment are scheduled to be on site each day they’re needed will make it much easier to complete the job on time.

Balance Your Workload

ComputerEase will help you estimate your workload to ensure that your resources fit with your work schedule.

This feature also prevents you from scheduling people or equipment to be in multiple places at once. Balancing your workload ensures that you do not misallocate resources.

The Workload Docket

The ComputerEase Workload Docket is your daily calendar. It shows all activities for each day and the resources assigned to each of them. The Workload Docket also highlights outstanding documents for each job.


 Correspondence Log

The Correspondence Log allows you to view all transmittals, submittals, and RFIs for any particular job. It gives you a clear picture of which items are complete and which need attention.

Change Order Tracker

The Change Order Tracker monitors change orders from creation to final approval. An overview indicates whether a change order is approved, denied, or pending.

The tracker can also tell you the contract and the budget amount of a change order. It provides a summary of the total change order contract and budget amounts by approved, denied, and pending . Once a change order is approved, Job Costing is automatically updated. If necessary, it generates a new subcontractor agreement for you.

The Change Order Tracker can also trace pending change orders separately to determine whether follow up is needed. This helps prevent unapproved change orders and makes sure you are paid for work performed.

Submittal Tracker

With the Submittal Tracker, you can create submittals and track them through the entire process. The system indicates which submittals are approved, which need to be revised and resubmitted, and which are rejected. It also indicates which submittals are late and need attention.

Drawing Log

The Drawing Log allows you to track all essential job drawings to ensure that you are always working with the most current version.

Electronic Document Filing

ComputerEase allows you to attach supporting documents to each record, and provides electronic document tracking so you always know the status of your paperwork.

Bid Management

The Bid Management feature makes it easy to gather all the data necessary for an estimate in one place, and then quickly evaluate bids. When preparing a new estimate, simply set up the individual items that need bids from subcontractors and suppliers. Estimated work costs can be set as a baseline for evaluating bids.

Once this is set up, subs and suppliers from your vendors list can be invited to bid on the project. Once you’ve selected vendors you can print, fax, or email invitations with the click of a button.

As you receive bids, ComputerEase will track and indicate the lowest ones. ComputerEase also compares the total budget estimated for the project and the total cost of all the lowest bids, so you can easily see how the bids compare to your bottom line.

Manage the Bid Schedule

The Bid Schedule manages all of your bids. It shows a timeline of when you received bids from vendors when bids are due. This tool allows easy management of multiple bids and due dates.

Renegotiate with Vendors

When bids from vendors are received, you can quickly compare their numbers. This allows you to renegotiate with a particular vendor to get the best vendor at the best price.

ComputerEase gives you the purchasing control tools to negotiate costs and get a higher return on your investment.

Award Contracts with a Click

When you win a job and are ready to notify your subcontractors, you can use the Bid Management tool to quickly issue subcontractor agreements. ComputerEase give you the flexibility to award jobs to any of the vendors submitting bids, whether or not they were initially the lowest. Renegotiated bids from a vendor can be entered as a final bid price. Once you've awarded the job, you can easily generate a subcontractor agreement in Microsoft Word format within the Bid Management tool.


ComputerEase allows you to create formal quotes quickly and easily. As you creating the quote, you can either use pre-priced items from inventory or add custom items and quote by units. Completed quotes can be printed or emailed directly to the customer directly through ComputerEase.

If you currently use one of our partners’ programs for estimating, ComputerEase can easily integrate with their software.

Quote to Invoice

Quoting a small or simple job that does not require the power of the ComputerEase Job Costing and Project Management modules can easily be done directly through an invoice with the click of a button. All the information will still be tracked through Accounts Receivable and the General Ledger.

Quote to Job

When you quote a larger, more complex job, you can turn the quote into a formal job in the Job Costing module. Then you can use the power of ComputerEase Job Costing and Project Management to ensure that your job is completed on time without going over budget.





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